Being Active

Okay. I’m not thin, but I’m not super big either. But I’m confident…had I just been born a male…I’d have some cute little moobs.

Which I really don’t want. If you think about it, I’ve had moobs since…5th grade. Thanks early puberty. I’m kinda over it. When I get top surgery…I want to look good and natural.

Imma make heads turn, damn it.

But I’m a lazy gamer. (ノ-_-)ノ Ugh.

I’m also a fan of NOT cooking.

Aside from not wanting moobs, my other motivation is to start my own official Quidditch team! There are none in my area! It’s really fun to play. I’ve only played it with 3-4th graders, haha.

So…I’m trying to eat better. There are things I can eat that aren’t Taco Bell and require no cooking…I just have to actually eat them.

Having no sense of smell, therefore flavor makes this easier…and harder as well.

BUT REALLY. I’m doing Boxing. And I love it. I love the shit out of it you guys. I joined a UFC gym after a free Boxing conditioning class and I don’t regret it at all. It’s motivated me to be active, to think about my health, and to get on a consist workout regime…otherwise those conditioning classes are gonna WHOOP my ass. And I don’t like being the slowest in the class. It holds me accountable and motivates me to be better than when I started.

(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و  Wish me luck as I strive to attain my super attractive male body!

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