Holy Progress Batman!

I have an UPDATE my little trans folks. Aren’t you terribly excited for this?
So here’s the summary of what’s happened so far- which will take me to today’s update without having to deal with a weird segue.

I decided to transition- called up my health care provider’s psychiatry number to schedule an appointment. Appointments were few and far between due to the lack of qualified therapists available to handle the number of transitioning patients.
I had to talk a lot about myself- this was to determine if I was MENTALLY in the right place to be making this decision for the right reasons, as well to see if I needed to be treated for depression and/or anxiety.
Lucky me, despite my relapsing self-hatred, I really am a poster boy of mental health. (?)

After I talked the therapists ear off about my crappy past (with a smile, which sort of unnerved her…and how well I’ve dealt with my past) and what I knew about transitioning from my own research she talked to her clinician supervisor. And together they talked about my answers. Then they filled me in on what I still needed to know as well as told me to go researching things.

Was still a weird segue.

But after that last appointment where I got to meet the clinician supervisor, she said she would be writing the referrals for me to get Testosterone (after talking to the ___ doctor) and TOP surgery.

I am sorry!! I won’t be discussing bottom surgery at any length, because it is not YET on my to-do list! Getting rid of the obvious femininity is more important to me than having a dick. For now. So if you came here for bottom surgery related things? I can’t help. ;~;

Continuing on.
I have yet to hear back from supervisor or the doctors whom the letters of referral will be sent to. So instead of talking about surgery or hormones, I want to share with you the documents I was given. These are focused on FtM not MtF, but I hope they will give you an idea of what to expect.


THIS. Wonderful paper. Is my quick guide to what I will expect and when I will expect things to happen after I start taking hormones. In my case, testosterone. If you have Kaiser, they will have this for you. Also if you’re MtF? I’m sure they have a different, yet similar chart!

The slideshow below is another packet which goes more in depth about what to expect from taking these hormones. There is also a checklist of understanding. This will help you to decide if you’re ready to make that step!!

Mostly? It’s health concerns. You’re trading in your female health concerns for male ones (or vice versa). Also, your body composition is going to change.

If you are obese you CANNOT take testosterone!***

(***Aletrick left a comment for me stating that this isn’t the case with his Healthcare Provider! Please make sure you check with your doctor about the requirements. I can only speak for Kaiser Permanente’s rules for getting your prescription. Every doctor will have different requirements before you are allowed to take T. So don’t be afraid to ask questions!***)

Your fat will start to store mostly in your stomach/torso. If you are obese, and your weight moves, it can cause serious health concerns! And I’m worried about you, okay? So if this is your situation, please message me!! I was on the cusp of obesity, but luckily I have some AMAZING friends and motivation that got me moving around and losing weight. I would LOVE to help and encourage you and offer you advice as much as I can!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


If you have any questions for me, please message or comment or whatever you’re comfortable with. I’ll answer the best I can!


And a special thank you to the Hogwarts Running Club for being supportive and the cool Slytherin looking out for her friend that gave me the motivation to stop being a lazy HuffleButt and give you all a REAL update!

Next time? I hope to update you on testosterone and/or social issues!

3 thoughts on “Holy Progress Batman!

  1. Congratulations to you for starting this journey, it’s been tremendous, so far, for myself. I’ve been on T for going on 4 years. My only concern with what you’ve written is the very declarative statement that if you are obese you cannot take testosterone. This is blatantly false. I know you go to say how due to fat distribution it can pose risks… But I beg to differ. I have struggled.with my weight for too many years that I care to think about, and still to this day. But I have not experienced any bad health related instances being obese and taking T, and this goes for more than myself as well. Just wanted to put that out there. I am so happy you are accepting yourself and taking the steps to get where you need to be. I can’t begin to express the freedom it gives. Thanks for sharing ;)


    • Wow! Super happy for you! Thanks for letting me know your experience with weight and taking Testosterone!

      I did make a declarative statement regarding weight and taking Testosterone, but only because with my provider? They will not, will not, will not, let you take T if you are obese. That is one of their requirements for being able to have this prescription. It may be different for another Healthcare Provider, but as far as my case is concerned with Kaiser Permanente- that is something they will not let me do.

      I will edit my post though to clarify that it should be inquired about with your doctor. Thank you!

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      • It’s sad, we have so many limitations as is, that providers and prescribers put that much more stress on People. And I live in Canada, so our medical practices vary quite a lot in some cases, and I have had experience with American benefits and they do place quite a lot.of restrictions on People for so many things. Mind you, I don’t promote obesity and if one can get the weight off beforehand, then so much the better… I have so much trouble getting this weight.off and I desperately want to. But.I am very grateful it wasn’t a requirement to lose the weight in order to start T. Thanks for.Your reply. I look forward to reading more of.your posts ;)

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