Testosterone and muscle cramps

This is the currently side effects I’m experiencing! I always try to do some research before sharing that my issues are T related…but my muscles are in so much pain lately from all the cramping, and it’s certainly not water related.


Source: Testosterone and muscle cramps


As far as any other side effects? My appetite has become more manageable, but I’m still more hungry than I used to be. I used to eat about 1000-1200 calories on my diet and be fine. After a few days of bad hunger pain at that range, it escalated to 18-2000 calories. I’m trying to get between 14-1800 calories now and for the most part? That feels right.

My libido is a little more calm now, though I certainly have my days.

And while I have been losing weight and dropped an inch off my waist and another off my hips and thighs and such…my neck went up and so did my upper arms.

It’s only been a month (well, a full month tomorrow), but these are the changes that I have noticed. Again, some things could be my fluctuating diet and poor food choices (STILL LOSING WEIGHT THO’) but…I’ll keep updating you all on anything I consider to be a cause of the Testosterone. Then I can make a more comprehensive list of side effects FTM’s can expect when starting T. Aside from the side effects…you know…we want.

Cause I’m ready for the eventual body hair and hair loss but I was HELLA not prepared for these CRAMPS, y’all.

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